Programs & Services

Dr. Judy has several options for you.  If you’re not sure which one fits you best, simply schedule a free phone meeting  and Dr. Judy will guide you in the right direction.

“Revitalize & Renew” Program

Small changes for big results

Getting a healthy diet and lifestyle isn’t difficult.  But it often feels that way.  Diets can be restrictive.  And exercise?  Who’s got the time and energy?  In this 6 week program you’ll learn to make simple changes you can stick with to get cravings under control, exercise even on your busiest days, and feel calm and relaxed throughout your hectic day.  You’ll begin the gradual shift to a healthier lifestyle you can not only live with but thrive.  This is a great place to begin if you’re looking for help with that first step.

Ready to get started? Set up a complimentary “Open Your Door to Wellness” phone session with me to talk about your goals and what’s been getting in your way. You’ll get one great idea to start your healthy makeover, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.  

“Optimize Your Health” Program

Makeover and tune up your lifestyle to lose weight and feel vibrant and energized

Making a small healthy change is simple.  Making it stick can feel impossible.  You have a busy life and between family and work you feel like you’re on autopilot.  Preparing healthy meals?  Getting exercise?  You feel like there’s no time in your tight schedule not to mention the energy you need to do it.  In this 3 month program, tailored specifically to you, you’ll learn to tap into your innate strengths and resources to discover the keys to lose weight, get exercise into your busy schedule and feel younger and more energetic. We’ll dive deeper into your difficult challenges in getting the body you love and turn those challenges into allies.  If you’re ready to commit to feeling and looking great, this is the place to begin.

Ready to take the next step?  Set up a complimentary “Open Your Door to Wellness” phone session to talk about your healthy makeover, your goals and what’s been getting in your way.  You’ll get one great idea you can use to get started, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.