About Dr. Judy Chiger, MD, PhD

Okay, I admit it, I’m a recovering anesthesiologist.

I became a doctor because I love helping people.

It’s something I dreamed about since I was 5 years old and proudly proclaimed my intent to my parents.  When I made that first connection with a real live patient in medical school, I knew I had made the right choice.

FInally, I found myself a full fledged doctor on staff in a community hospital.  The hours were long and we spent little time getting to know the patients we cared for.  Still I enjoyed the work.  After a few years a feeling of unhappiness and disappointment seeped in.  When I attended a women’s holistic health workshop I was re-introduced to what it means to be a woman in our society, dealing with the messages we receive from the male dominated media.  (Good news, girls, it is getting better.)  That day, experiencig a guided meditation on unconditional love, I also connected with myself, my inner voice and my inner wisdom.  I was introduced to a whole new way to look at health and well-being.  And, I realized – what drew me to medicine was the one thing that was missing now from my work.

I loved practicing medicine, however, there just wasn’t enough interaction with my patients to make the difference I knew I could make.

So I studied holistic medicine and acupuncture. I shifted my focus from taking care of a client’s problem to taking care of my client, getting to know who she is and how she lives.  As I worked with women, I saw them get their lives back.  They were able to do activities they haven’t even thought about in years, manage their weight, and feel better able to keep up with their busy lives and families.

It confirmed what I had known already.  That being healthy is as much about lifestyles, choices and habits as it is anything else.

Here’s where I notice people getting stuck – unless you grew up where these healthy lifestyles and habits were modeled for you, you don’t know them.  Losing weight and getting healthy is not about restiction and deprivation.  But if we’ve never learned how to eat healthy and make healthy choices we often choose regimens that leave us feeling deprived, frustrated and craving our favorite (unhealthy) snack foods.

As a holistic practitioner I see my role as a teacher and guide.

Yes, I’m a scientist and physician, but what I love most is being able to help people learn how to live healthy lives. Now I work with women who are suffering from stress, overwhelm and being out of balance and help them find their way to being healthy, balanced and trusting their bodies’ innate wisdom and inner voice.

Curious about working together?  Set up a complimentary “Open Your Door to Wellness” phone session with me to talk about your goals and what’s been getting in your way.  You’ll get one great idea to start your healthy makeover, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.
For those interested in more traditional details:

BS – Medical Technology, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

PhD – Pharmacology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

MD, Medical College  of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Internship, Medical Collegeof PA Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Residency – Anesthesiology, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester, MA

USArmy, Major, honorably discharged

– Medical Director Ambulatory Surgery Center, Pain Clinic Staff, Walter Reed Army Medical  Center, Washington,DC

– Chief, Anesthesia & Operative Services, De Witt Army Community Hospital, Ft.Belvoir, VA

– Asst Clinical Professor of Anesthesia, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD

Medical Acupuncture for Physicians Graduate, UCLA School of Medicine Continuing Medical Education, Los Angeles,CA

Staff Anesthesiologist at a community hospital;  ambulatory surgery center

Clinician at NuBasX nutritional medicine clinic

Founder and Owner of InnerBalance Medical – a whole health approach to life, wellness and healing integrating nutritional medicine, medical acupuncture and stress relieving therapies